Monday, November 21, 2005


TAG You're It!

My Director just gave me a workshop notice for something I really need. On Tuesday, December 6th, the Mid-Hudson Library System will be offering a workshop on "Teen Advisory Groups/Boards" also known as "TAGs" or "TABs". I'm in the process of starting a TAG at the Ossining Public Library, so this workshop is very timely. I've seen TAGs used more in public libraries than in school libraries, however, they can work well in either environment. Teen Advisory Groups are organizations that enable libraries to engage teens and attract them to libraries while providing teens with opportunities to develop important leadership skills and have a good time in the process. There are a number of helpful websites and books on the subject of TAGs, including: Libraries and Teen Advisory Groups sponsored by the Jervis Public Library, YALSA's TAGS - Teen Advisory Group Site, and the book Library Teen Advisory Groups by Diane P. Tuccillo. Although TAGs take a fair amount of work, the benefit to both young adults and the library are well worth it, I've been told. Wish me luck!

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