Monday, November 07, 2005


Collaboration is Key

I was visiting Ossining's Anne M. Dorner Middle School yet again this morning as part of an observation requirement for one of my library school media classes. Although these weekly visits make for a very long day for me on Mondays, they've proven to be immensely valuable.

Visiting the schools in the community that I serve provides me with rich opportunities to get to know teachers, students and staff in person, and enables me to build crucial partnerships with these important constituents. I'm really excited about an English Language Arts Test Preparation Workshop the library is offering this Thursday to help middle school students prepare for an important exam. I was thrilled when the head of the ELA Dept. asked if the library might be able to assist the school in preparing students for this exam because it showed that the library is starting to be recognized as an important educational partner.

Regardless of which capacity in which you decide to serve young people, make time to develop relationships and collaborate with others who also serve your target audience. Collaboration is truly key to your success.

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