Sunday, October 30, 2005


Teen Spaces, Cool Places

The primary reason I attended last week's NYLA Conference was to participate in a full-day pre-conference workshop entitled "Teen Spaces, Cool Places", which was all about creating cutting-edge, interesting, fun, and welcoming spaces for teens in libraries. The workshop was awesome!! The workshop was lead by Kimberly Bolan, a library consultant and author of "Teen Spaces: The Step-by-Step Library Makeover" (ALA Editions, 2003). Ms. Bolan's been consulting on the design of teen-friendly spaces in libraries for ten years, and she really knows her stuff! Kim explained that public libraries have been warming up to the idea of innovative teen spaces since the late 1990's, however, school libraries are taking longer to embrace the idea. I left the workshop thoroughly energized and committed to helping create an outstanding teen space in the Ossining Public Library's new building that should be completed next year. I also left with a fat packet of valuable resource material covering a bunch of things, ranging from teen advisory boards, graphic novel websites, sources for purchasing teen-friendly furniture and accessories, to a list of core magazines with teen appeal. I can't wait to explore my treasure trove more thoroughly!

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